Christopher Green - Photographer/Videographer - Northumberland, UK
I have been working as a professional now for the past 5 years. Specialising in Commercial, Sports and Lifestyle photography, I have shot for a large range of clients for editorial, advertisement, social and magazines. I have long standing relationships with creative agencies, magazines and copywriters around the uk which leads to new and exciting work all the time. 

Over the past few years photography has became everything that I eat sleep and breathe. Whether I am working on a commercial project, creating an editorial piece for a magazine, editing for hours on end or creating new and exciting personal projects. I have created a style of work that will become synonymous with my name and has set me out from the crowd. I prefer to use natural light to create a vision that is more pleasing as it what someone would view themselves. I have a large and varied range of lighting equipment to, so I'm never stuck in a jam.

Over the past two years I have worked closely with members of Team GB as well as other athletes to give me more of an understanding on how athletes work so I can get the shot most other photographers miss. Having the ability to push my equipment, my body and my creative outlook lets me get in to positions where most people would think of going. This has helped me get some unique shots that other photographers have missed.

From photographing Guy Learmonth on a quiet running track in the Scottish Borders, to photographing surfers in the North Sea in the middle of winter, every day, week and month is different and makes me love my job even more
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